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Runners who actively mix their workouts

Welcome to zero gravity — engineering for those on a mission.

The Cloud X is the result of what happens when you take the sole of the Cloud and remix it for athletes who don’t define themselves by any one sport, or any one type of workout. Soft landings. Explosive take offs. A knit-weave on top and a speedheel- cap to keep your heel on lock. Make no mistake, this is the lightest, fully cushioned running shoe the world, your gym, and your feet have ever seen. All you have to do is get out and mix it up.

Category: Running Remixed
Goal: Running Remixed in comfort, with the ultimate lightweight, fully-cushioned shoe.


Runners looking for a lightweight and very responsive performance shoe

Take the shortcut to your runner’s high.

Equipped with a latest generation Cloud- Tec® sole, the all-new Cloudflow does not waste any time: ready, set, flow. From the very first step, a record-breaking 18 Clouds have one goal: to take you to your runner’s high. Experience incredibly soft landings and explosive take-offs. And forget about the Cloudflow's shockingly light Zero- Gravity foam, adaptive engineered mesh, and responsive Speedboard. Because you will simply remember one thing: flow.

Category: Neutral
Goal: Take the shortcut to your runner’s high


Runners looking for a lightweight trail shoe with full cushioning protection

The Cloudventure.

Light and fast that you can reach the peak in time to watch the sunrise.Reliable grip for when a thunderstorm catches you by surprise. And clever cushioning to save your legs when you are flying back down to reach the valley before it gets dark.

Category: Neutral
Goal: Reach places others can’t.


Runners who want a minimal running show with maximum cushioning

Say hello to the Cloud, say hello to your new go to shoe.

With our patented CloudTec® sole, speed-lacing and an even softer step-in, this latest incarnation will be the lightest, fully-cushioned, all day every day shoe your feet have ever slid into. And with an updated outsole, it’s also engineered to take on whatever underfoot terrain you or the city streets care to throw at it. Why? Because like you it’s Never. Not. On.

Category: Lightweight 
Goal: Made to run with ultimate lightness and comfort


Runners looking for a supremely cushioned and stable shoe that retains a light and agile running feel

Get ready for incredibly soft landings and explosive take-offs.

The Cloudflyer lets you run the way you are meant to run, and that means a short and sweet touch-down, a natural transition, and a stable platform. With the Cloudflyer, On is taking on gravity and setting you free. Long runs have never felt so short.On.

Category: Stability

Goal: Run with extra cushioning and stability, but without the weight


All types of runners looking for a cushioned yet highly responsive training and competition shoe

Meet the new On Cloudsurfer.
Thanks to its patented CloudTec® system, you'll enjoy a softer landing and a more explosive take-off than you've ever felt before. The new Cloudsurfer is now even lighter and more agile, so it transforms more running energy into forward motion. 13 “Clouds” cushion precisely and intelligently - where and when you need it. Built from Rebound-Rubber, they compress upon landing to reduce rotational forces and impact, which makes for a shorter touch-down. Then they close and lock for a natural transition to a faster take-off. It all adds up to you spending more time in the air.

Category: Neutral
Goal: Increase performance, train and compete

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